Lord Darsane

Lord of Broken Horn Keep, Tempest Cleric


Str 16
Dex 16
Con 20
Int 12
Wis 20
Cha 18

History Persuasion


5’11", 200 Lbs, Noble Knight
Retainers(Messenger, Cook, Librarian)
-If you do me an injury I will crush you, Ruin your name, and salt your fields
-It is my duty to protect and care for those beneath me
-My house’s alliance with the Royal Family must be sustained at all costs
-In fact the world does revolve around me


Lord and Master of Dragon Roost and Broken Horn Keep, this imposing human with silver hair and piercing green eyes, Valeryn Darsane is the last surviving member of the Gold Crusade, the first excursion into the Wyldern Chasm. Upon returning from his hundredth mission into the jungle he was given command of the Broken Horn Keep as a reward for having discovered the first of the three pools of Chromatic Water.
Given to fits of rage when new adventurer’s seeking entrance into the Wyldern Chasm question his authority, he has been known to kill more then a few individuals much to the despair of many would-be adventuring parties.

All who would journey into the jungle must such permission from Lord Darsane and it is oft said he prefers the gift of wine over all else.

Lord Darsane

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